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Video Library Subscription Plans

~Learning how to improve your health and well-being has never been easier!

Each one-hour video delves deeply into each of the topics listed below.

Master Lisa's teaching style is straight-forward and thorough. Her goal with these videos is to help everyone take charge of their own health.

Subscribe to access 40 one-hour video workshops on Qigong, Chinese Medicine, nutritional healing, medical Qigong, meditation, and mindfulness! Optional course manuals are available by download for each of the 40 courses.

Three subscription options available:

Bronze- Unlimited streaming access of all 40 videos for 1 month and purchase optional course manuals for an additional $5/each. $20 for 1 month membership.

Silver-Unlimited streaming access of all 40 videos for 3 months and purchase optional manuals for an additional $2/each. $60 for 3 month membership.

Gold-Get Gold Membership for the most value and convenience! Unlimited streaming access to all 40 videos for 6 months and download all optional course manuals for FREE! Great value at $120 for 6 month membership.

40 Workshop Titles

• Qigong for Sinus and Nose • Qigong for Shoulder/Elbow • Qigong for Low Back • Qigong for Breast Health • Intro to TCM • Intro to Chinese Medicine Nutrition • Intro to Pain Patterns and Stretching • Grand Circulation Meditation • Healthy Relationships through Mindfulness • Qigong for Low Back/Hip • Qigong for Knee • Qigong for Hip • Qigong for Grief • Qigong for Erectile Dysfunction • Qigong for Enlightenment Meditation • Qigong for Emotional Health • Qigong for Depression • Qigong for Cardiovascular Health • Qigong for Cancer • Qigong for Bone Health • Qigong for Autoimmune Problems • Qigong for Asthma • Qigong for Anxiety • Qigong for Acid Reflux • Qigong for PMS and Menopause • Qigong for Neck/Shoulder • Qigong for Healthy Joints • Qigong for Eye Health • Qi Body Meridian Cleanse Meditation • Mindfulness for Anxiety • Microcosmic Orbit Meditation • Meditation for Transforming Body and Spirit • Longevity and Health Qigong Meditation • Intro Shiba Luohan Qigong • Intro Qigong Therapy • Intro Qigong Healing Medical Qigong • Qigong for Skin Issues • Qigong for Sleep • Spontaneous Qigong and Turtle Crane Breathing Meditation • Twelve Meridian Meditation •

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