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Learn Qi Healing Medical Qigong right now. Watch recorded lessons for the Qigong and Chinese Medicine course (Rising Lotus, Six Healing Sounds, and Fragrance Qigong) as well as the Beginning Qigong Healers Online course, only $250 for the package! ($75 discount)!

The First Course:

Qigong and Chinese Medicine, 8 lessons, 90 min. each This course is usually $125 but you''ll receive a big discount with this combined package deal.

The first course is Qigong and Chinese Medicine (eight lessons in course). It is the foundation for understanding Qigong. Learn how to understand what your body has been telling you and what you can do about it. This Qigong course will consist of several movement forms: Rising Lotus Medical Qigong, Fragrance Qigong, Six Healing Sounds, and three types of meditation. The movements are all slow and gentle to the body and accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Master Lisa will also be teaching five elements and meridian theory to help each student better understand the nature of energy in his or her body. No prior experience needed. (Course is accepted toward Certification)

The Second Course:

Beg. Qigong Healers Online Webinar, Seven lessons, 90 min. each. This course alone is usually $200.

With this special offer you'll get the Beginning Qigong Healers course as well as the prerequisite, Qigong and Chinese Medicine (Eight lessons) for only $250!

The second course is the Beginning Qigong Healers Webinar, (seven live online lessons). Increase your sensitivity to energy. Learn how to apply Chinese Medicine theory for healing yourself and others. Specifically these methods include scanning for energy blockages, pulling out the blockages, combing out stagnation, sending energy, and use of meridians and meridian points. These techniques are very powerful and have been used by Master Lisa for over 25 years! The format of the course will primarily be hands-on healers techniques working on yourself, with 5 phase theory as a supporting framework. (Course counts toward certification in Qigong Therapy)

Important Note: All of the techniques taught can be done on oneself or a partner. For this online healers course, you will practice using the techniques on yourself during the class time. If you are interested in practicing on another person, you can do that at any time. This option is entirely up to you and is not necessary to learn the techniques. 

Special Beginning Qigong Healers Package: Qigong and Chinese Medicine (8 recorded lessons) and Beginning Qigong Healers (seven lessons) for $250! ($75 off original price of $325!)

For those interested in taking the Intermediate Healers recorded course, get the first course, Qigong and Chinese Medicine for FREE!

Register for all three courses for $450 ($125 discount). Learn more

Recordings can be viewed on any device. Access to recordings is for two years from your purchase.

For those who have taken this course with me before either as a seminar or weekly local class in Rochester, remember there is a 10% discount for repeating it.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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