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Eight Pieces of Brocade & Swimming Dragon Qigong 10 week

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Enjoy a friendly, online experience of learning two easy styles of Qigong!

The Eight Pieces of Brocade is an ancient Qigong exercise created by a very famous and honorable commander of the Southern Sung Dynasty army, Marshal Fei Yeuh (1103-1142 AD). He created this form to heal and strengthen his solders. Today this exercise is one of the most popular styles of Qigong and is done all over the world to help people heal from stress and rejuvenate the muscles and joints.

This set of exercises was taught to me by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming and strengthens and supports all the organs of the body with special emphasis on the kidney system (root of all the energy in the body) and the Liver and Spleen (the organs most affected by stress).

Swimming Dragon Qigong is a short, fun sequence of gentle movements that increase flexibility of the spine, hips, shoulders, and arms as well as strengthens the core muscles.

No experience needed! 

10 lesson program, a half hour per lesson, $80. ONLY $60 if taking another course!

(There is a $20 discount for those taking another course during the same period.) (Taught by Lisa B. O'Shea)

Online class was recorded during broadcast and those registered will have access to the recordings of each class (anytime, any device) for two years. 

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