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Cultivate your energy to very high levels with these meditations. Each lesson we will experience a variety of meditations including some taught to me by Master Hong Liu in Los Angeles and Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming in Boston. No prior experience needed!

Those registered for the 5 lesson programs will have access to recordings of every class to review at home at any time for one year. Also, written versions of the meditations can be downloaded.

Each of the following meditations will be covered in detail:

  • OM Meditation: This chanted meditation balances the chakras and creates peaceful harmony within the body for deep relaxation.
  • Microcosmic Orbit Meditation: Balance yin and yang and strengthen the 12 organs of the body.
  • Boundary Meditation: Learn how to pull your energy in and develop a strong boundary to create a peaceful, quiet feeling wherever you are.
  • Diamond Lotus Meditation: Create a powerful source of energy within yourself and a protective shield that can be opened and closed easily by you as needed.
  • Balance Five Elements Meditation: Cultivate the energy of each organ with this simple, relaxing meditation.

5 half-hour lessons, $40. Only $30 if registering for another course or already registered for another course.

(Taught by Lisa B. O'Shea)

Online recorded programs are easy to access using Google Drive. No special computer program is needed. After registering, I will send you an link to access the recordings.

Skill Level

Qi Gong Institute of Rochester