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Create lasting improvement in your state of mind, energy cultivation, and committment to self and personal wellbeing. Cultivate your energy to very high levels with the entire Qi Gong Institute of Rochester meditation program. This package includes all the meditations from the Online Qi Gong Meditation Volumes 1-5 recorded programs. Each lesson we will experience a variety of meditations including some taught to me by Master Hong Liu in Los Angeles and Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming in Boston. No prior experience needed!

Over 40% off the price of purchasing the individual recorded meditation programs ($130 off!)

Those registered for the 40 lesson programs will have lifetime access to recordings of every class to review at home (No expiration date on access to recordings!) Also, written versions of the meditations can be downloaded.

Each of the following meditations will be covered in detail:

  • Volume 1 Content:
  • Circulate Universal Qi Meditation- Exchange energy with the universe for self-healing and to help others- taught to me by Master Hong, Liu.
  • Mindfulness (Thich Nhat Hanh Poem) Meditation- Enter a state of presence through focusing on the helpful phrases from the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh). Special download of audio of this meditation is included with this package!
  • Four Tones Meditation- Toning meditation to relax, heal the body, and carry the mind to a state of oneness with the universe - taught to me by Master Hong, Liu.
  • Dantian Roots and Sun Meditation- Build energy for longevity and health as we balance yin and yang within the body
  • Qi Cleansing Breath Meditation- Flush out blockages, melt away physical tension and pain, and deeply relax the body
  • Yin Essence Meditation- Build energy for longevity and renewing the yin aspect of the body
  • Sky Door Breathing Meditation- Balance energy between yourself, the earth, and the sky- taught to me by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.
  • Volume 2 Content:
  • Meridian Breathing Meditation: Create a gentle, balancing flow of energy through the four major yin and yang pathways of the 12 meridians.
  • Twelve Meridian Meditation: Special bonus of this one-hour workshop teaching the entire 12 meridian pathways and the practice of moving energy through each meridian for healing and harmony of the body.
  • Organ Breathing Meditation: Flush out blockages within each organ using simple breathing techniques.
  • Mindfullness Walking Meditation: Come back to this present moment using a simple walking technique.
  • Buddha Mind Meditation: Release attachments to old thought patterns and allow a deeper connection to your sense of spirit and universal energy with this meditation taught to me by Master Hong, Liu.
  • Turtle Crane Breathing Meditation: Heal your nervous system with this powerful meditation taught to me by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.
  • Volume 3 Content:
  • Lotus Blossom Meditation: Cultivate and balance the energy of the heart for compassion with the lower belly (Dantian) for longevity.
  • Body Scan Release Meditation: Release blockages and tension easily from the body with this peaceful, comforting meditation.
  • Qi Exchange with Environment or Partner Meditation: Greatly improve your health and bring a state of balance and harmony to your energy as you learn to share and exchange Qi.
  • Belt Vessel Meditation: Strengthen your Kidney energy for longevity, immune health, and emotional and physical balance.
  • Free Form (Spontaneous Qigong) Meditation: Learn this ancient style of Qigong to deeply heal and balance the body.
  • Bone Health Meditation: Revitalize your whole body and strengthen the bones and blood.
  • Volume 4 Content:
  • Whole Body Breathing Meditation: Deeply relax the body with this somatic technique of breathing with the whole body.
  • Healing Journey Meditation: Direct healing, loving energy to lift your spirit and cultivate wellness within yourself to transform long-standing unhelpful or unhealthy patterns.
  • Inner Smile Meditation: This simple meditation brings healing to yourself or others and can be done any place at any time to create wellness.
  • Belt Vessel Meditation: Strengthen your Kidney energy for longevity, immune health, and emotional and physical balance.
  • Enlightenment (Upper and Lower Dantian) Meditation: This meditation is the most powerful meditation for longevity and spiritual peace and was taught to me by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.
  • Volume 5 Content:
  • OM Meditation: This chanted meditation balances the chakras and creates peaceful harmony within the body for deep relaxation.
  • Microcosmic Orbit Meditation: Balance yin and yang and strengthen the 12 organs of the body.
  • Boundary Meditation: Learn how to pull your energy in and develop a strong boundary to create a peaceful, quiet feeling wherever you are.
  • Diamond Lotus Meditation: Create a powerful source of energy within yourself and a protective shield that can be opened and closed easily by you as needed.
  • Balance Five Elements Meditation: Cultivate the energy of each organ with this simple, relaxing meditation.


Online Qigong Meditation Volumes 1-5 Package: 40 half-hour lessons, $175. That's over 45% discount from the individual price of all 5 volumes ($145 discount).

(Taught by Lisa B. O'Shea)

Online recorded programs are easy to access using Google Drive. No special computer program is needed. After registering, I will send you an link to access the recordings.

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