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The Advanced Qigong Healers class is a special opportunity to learn some very deep techniques for moving energy within the body. The techniques taught here are focused on creating deep and lasting change in the energy flow as well as the mind. It combines Qi healing techniques with meditation techniques to deeply transform the energy flow inside the body. We will also cover some powerful meditation techniques for preventing energy blockages and improving peace of mind. A complete description of the techniques taught is listed below.

The prerequisite for the class is the Beginning Healers class. You don’t have to have the Intermediate course as well, just the Beginning Healers. By practicing the techniques taught here, you will gain a profound control of the movement of energy and ability to direct the energy for healing and harmonizing all the organs and meridians of the body as well as the create lasting improvement in circulation through the limbs.

  • Two Handed Clearing Very efficient method for clearing out blockages and developing inner vision.
  • Balancing Five Elements involves using color to see the organs and meridians inside the body to clear out invasion of Heat, Dampness, Dryness, Cold, and Wind. This is a technique that I learned from Master Hong in Los Angeles.
  • Qi Circulation involves creating a flow of Qi following the natural meridian flow through the limbs and torso. This is an adaptation of a technique that I also learned from Master Hong.
  • Body Release involves finding trapped currents of Qi inside the body and releasing them to improve Qi flow through restrictions. This is an adaptation of using the CranioSacral rhythm for Qigong Healing.
  • Circulate Universal Qi Meditation
  • Buddha Mind Meditation
  • Enlightenment Meditation - Upper and Lower Dantian Meditation
  • Spontaneous Qigong Standing Meditation
  • Practices in Presence: Utilize the information taught in The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Present Moment Wonderful Moment by Thich Nhat Hanh to create a state of presence and learn practical ways for teaching people these techniques during your healing sessions. We will focus on how to teach these techniques so please read and be familiar with both books prior to attending this seminar.
  • Beginning Healers is a prerequisite
  • Hands-on work follows the same format as the Beginning Qigong Healers webinar.
  • Course counts toward certification in Qigong Therapy

7 lesson program, 75 min. per lesson, $200. (Taught by Lisa B. O'Shea)
Prerequisits: Qigong and Chinese Medicine and Beginning Qigong Healers programs - Special package discounts running now: Beginning Healers Package

Skill Level
Qi Healing
Qigong Therapy Certification

Qi Gong Institute of Rochester