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Qigong Meditation

Qigong Meditation is a special category within meditation. Qigong meditation in not only relaxing but it also enhances healing by increasing Qi flow within the body. Qigong literally means Qi or energy cultivation. Qigong meditation combines relaxation with mental focus to lead the Qi for specific goals that are unique to each particular meditation.

Some examples of the energy goal of specific Qigong meditations:

  • Dantian Meditation: Longevity
  • Buddha Mind Meditation: Spiritual growth and awareness
  • Four Tones Meditation: Releases blockages
  • Spontaneous or “Free Form” meditation: Unwinds tight energy patterns in the body and mind
  • Yin Essence Meditation: Longevity and building yin
  • Microcosmic Orbit Meditation: Strengthens the 12 organs and balances yin and yang
  • Grand Circulation: Heals the joints, muscles, and bones and enhances martial arts power
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Qigong meditation includes many visualizations and breathing patterns to focus the mind on a simple healing task which crowds out the mental clutter of our busy lives. As you reduce the number of things your mind is focused on, the body relaxes more and more. The Chinese call this “trading ten thousand thoughts for one thought.”

Tips for making meditation easier:

Meditating can be frustrating if your mind is too cluttered. Try picking a time of day where your mind is already slower. For some people that is the morning just after they wake up, for others it is at night before bed. Don’t worry if you fall asleep, even one minute of meditation is helpful.

When you meditate, your mind does not have to be completely blank. Just lowering the volume of your thoughts a couple of percent is beneficial.

If sitting to meditate makes you antsy or uncomfortable, try standing and taking one slow step with each inhale and one slow step with each exhale.

Just taking a few mindful breaths throughout the day can be helpful.

Meditation Classes:

There is a meditation program here at the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester as well as many Qigong courses that have meditation as part of the curriculum.

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