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This class is offered to those who have completed the Beginning Qigong Healers Class. This is a continuation of the Beginning Healers course and will cover special techniques for healing - Buddha palm, energy scrubbing, neck and ear techniques, vessel orbits, joint work, nei gong, and 36 additional Acupuncture Points. Hands-on work follows the same format with regard to partners as mentioned for the Beginning Qigong Healers Webinar.

8 lesson program, 75 min. per lesson, $250. (Taught by Lisa B. O'Shea)

Many people wonder if the Intermediate Healers Webinar is a good use of their time and resources.  If you want to take Qigong to a powerful level, then the answer is yes.  The Intermediate Healers Webinar is a special course designed to give you a personal experience of directing energy deep inside the body.  In this webinar we go deeply into sensing energy flow inside the body and learn techniques for healing tissue damage in the organs, muscles, joints, and bones. 

This webinar is for anyone interested reaching a high level of understanding of energy flow.  By practicing the techniques taught here, you will gain a profound control of the movement of energy and ability to direct the energy for healing very difficult to heal areas of the body. 

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