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Master Lisa connects with students face-to-face all over the world, from Alaska to New Zealand. Each session is tailored to your interests and needs. Consultations can be via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, phone, or correspondence.

Sessions have the option of being recorded for students to view again for personal practice.

Sessions are 75 minutes. There is no time limit on using up the sessions and family members can share sessions purchased.

Please call or email Master Lisa to schedule the time to meet for your Skype consultation.

24 hours notice to receive full refund or reschedule, sorry, no exceptions. 

Online Consultations with Lisa B. O’Shea can include any of the following based on the client’s/student’s interests and needs:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine evaluation using the Five Elements Theory
  • Instruction in Qigong exercises specific for improving your personal health (physical, emotional, and psychological)
  • Personal nutritional plan based on Five Elements Theory
  • Instruction in meditations specific for your goals and needs
  • Instruction in mindfulness for developing your spirit/shen and improving stress
  • Instruction in Qi Self-Healing and Healing others
  • Instruction in stretching for pain relief
  • Receive Qi Healing sessions (includes clearing out blockages, emitting energy, balancing energy flow through organs, meridians, and specific acupuncture points)
  • Instruction in entire sets of Qigong exercises
  • Consultations can be via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, phone, or correspondence.

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