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In-person in Rochester, NY and broadcasted online using Zoom! Come in person or watch using Zoom.

During live broadcast, be on-screen if you’d like, and view the lessons later on your own schedule using Google drive on any device, anytime.

Qigong Distance Healers 8-week course

Demystify Qi Healing and open a new doorway to your experience of Qi. Through hands-on training, you will deepen your sensitivity to Qi and learn to control its movement for healing.

Qigong healing (Qi healing or Medical Qigong) can seem very mysterious, but its basic principles are simple and easy to learn.

During each class of the course, the students will participate in live healing sessions on a client who will be evaluated and receive distance Qi healing, all by the students in the program.

For each class we meet, there will be one client that all the students will focus on for the treatment. Students will receive a completed questionnaire filled out by the client prior to their receiving the group healing session.

Students will practice Qi healing at a distance (without touch), with my instruction and support.

We will cover the following techniques for Distance Healing: Scanning for Qi blockages, combing out Qi blockages, and sending environmental energy. We will work on the 12 major organs, including using meridian points. Additional techniques will include Buddha Palm and Qi-Myofascial Cleanse for deep healing.

Each healing session will be guided by me as it goes along to enhance your understanding through confirmation and positive feedback.

Clients will be provided for each class meeting, by me here at my studio or on-screen. All healing work will be done at a distance, both for in-person students as well as online students.

8 week program, one hour per week, $125 (Taught by Lisa B. O'Shea)

In-person and live broadcasts on Wednesdays, 6-7 pm EDT, starting June 5, 2024. No experience needed!

In-person Rochester, NY classes are also easily accessed using a Zoom link for home viewing. Classes are also recorded during live session and those registered will have access to the live online class as well as access to recordings of each class for about two years using Google Drive. You do not have to be present during the live broadcast to participate in the course. During live broadcasts you have the option of being on-screen if you choose.

Covid policy: Students are no longer required to wear masks during in-person classes. If you have a cold or any sign of communicable illness, please stay home and participate through the online option or watch recordings of class later.


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