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7 lessons in this course.  All can be viewed on your own schedule on any device.

Increase your sensitivity to energy. Learn how to apply Chinese Medicine theory for healing yourself and others. Specifically these methods include scanning, pulling, combing, sending energy, and use of meridians and meridian points. The format of the course will primarily be hands-on with 5 phase theory as a supporting framework. [Course counts toward certification in Qigong Therapy]

The prerequisite for this course is the Qigong and Chinese Medicine Course

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Important Note: All of the techniques taught can be done on oneself or a partner. For this online healers course, you will practice using the techniques on yourself during the class time. You do not need a partner during the class.

(Note: If you are interested in the Qigong Healers sequence of classes as a live seminar, weekend seminars in these are offered.) Click here.

7 lesson program, 90 min. per lesson, $200. (Taught by Lisa B. O'Shea)


Skill Level
Qi Healing
Qigong Therapy Certification

Qi Gong Institute of Rochester