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Qi Healing Medical Qigong

Qi Healing Medical Qigong

Qigong Therapy and Healing Sessions~

My work as a Qigong Therapist is to remove the blockages and balance and circulate energy. This work is very gentle yet powerful since all healing happens on an energy level first. The first time I work with an individual, we go through an interview process where I ask many questions related to the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. I am looking for patterns of physiological and emotional symptoms that relate to the five energy systems of the body. For example, if I ask about headaches, PMS, visions problems, anger or frustration, I am finding out information about the Liver energy system. If I ask questions about the skin, sinuses, large intestine, sadness, I am finding out about the Lung energy system. The answer to these questions help to paint a picture of your historical energy patterns.

After the questions, the hands-on healing portion of the appointment takes place. I scan the individual using my palm about 12 inches away from the body to feel where the energy is getting trapped or congested. I then pull out the energy blockages and send energy into the particular meridian points or areas to help with that particular person's needs. While sending in energy, I make a very light contact with the body.

After the hands-on healing work I teach each person Qigong techniques such as movements, breathing, and meditation that can be done at home to help with each particular imbalance. I also instruct individuals in nutrition from the Chinese Medicine point of view. The initial treatment session takes about 1 ½ hours and further appointments last about an hour.

Qigong Therapy Healing sessions are also available via Skype or by phone. These sessions are extremely powerful and effective. Receiving distance healing treatments is a great option for those people unable to travel to my school to receive sessions in person. For more info, go to my Distance Healing Sessions page: here.

The fee for each healing session is $85 in Rochester, NY.

To schedule appointments, please call or email.

Qigong Healing Sessions | Client Review

Over the years I have acquired 2 ruptured disks which led to peripheral neuralgia in my legs and feet. I also acquired pinched nerves in my elbows and wrists. Using my computer keyboard was often excruciating. This was a serious issue for me as I am self-employed and use my computer all day long, 6-7 days aweek. I tried physical therapy. It was helpful to a point but some of the therapies exacerbated the neuralgia. After my first treatment from Lisa I was able to sleep without getting up every 2 hours, something that hadn't happened in months and months. My back felt better and I had more energy. Just being able to get some sleep made a huge difference. Every treatment made more and more of a difference in my life. ~Chris Burleigh, NCD, JaG, QGW - Rochester, NY

Qigong permanently eliminated my painful heal spurs. The pain decreased after one session with Lisa and completely disappeared after only three sessions. Lisa treated my bone spurs by using Qi energy to unclog blockages that were causing the pain. This healing occurs without the use of medications, surgery or uncomfortable orthotic footwear devices. I can now walk with ease and comfort and wear any kind of shoes including high heals without worry. The treatments were deeply relaxing and painless. In fact, qigong is a great way to unwind after a workday. Lisa also used her qigong expertise to teach me a couple of exercises that keep blockages from reoccurring in my feet. These exercises are easy to do and they only take about five minutes a day. It's been a real pleasure to work with Lisa O'Shea. She honestly cares about helping patients restore their health. She carefully interviews every patient and takes time listen to his or her concerns. Her sincerity and compassion will put even the most fearful patient at ease. Lisa O'Shea is a true healer.~Kate Ross - Rochester, NY

Lisa's work is phenomenal. I feel I literally float out of the office after a Qigong session. Any pain I arrived with has been banished and I feel I am somehow intimately in tune with the universal vibration, the life force, that animates all living beings in a way that daily life does not afford. My body catches what I have begun to call "the Qigong wave" and opens fully to what it intuitively understands as a healing force. The at-home exercises and meditations offered to me by Lisa seem to anchor and solidify the healing begun in the sessions. I cannot recommend this discipline, this teacher, this practitioner enough.~Hallie Sawyers, LMT, NCTMB - Rochester, NY

I had an almost complete rotator cuff tear from excessive typing and the pain was incredible. The only pain relief I got was through Lisa's help and eventually, she healed my shoulder so I did not have to have the surgery. She is a remarkably gifted practitioner who listens and heals with care and consideration.~Barbara Francis - Rochester, NY

Every interaction I have with Lisa - either through individual sessions or classes is a healing experience. The compassion, expertise, clarity, and love Lisa brings to her practice results in healing on all levels.
~Cherie - Rochester, NY

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Qigong for Healing DVD

In this video, Lisa B. O'Shea will teach how to do the hands-on medical Qigong healing work that she has been using to help people since 1995. You will learn how to do a Qi Healing session on yourself as well as how to perform this on a partner.

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Intermediate Qigong Healers Online Webinar Class

Wednesdays 12:30 pm starting Jan. 24, 2018. This class is offered to those who have completed the Beginning Qigong Healers Class. This is a continuation of the Beginning Healers course and will cover special techniques for healing - Buddha palm, energy scrubbing, neck and ear techniques, vessel orbits, joint work, nei gong, and 36 additional Acupuncture Points. Special Offer running now!

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Qigong and Chinese Medicine Online

Available now, 8 recorded lessons.This course is the foundation for understanding Qigong and Chinese Medicine. Learn how to understand what your body has been telling you and what you can do about it. Special Offer running now!

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Beginning Qigong Healers Online Webinar Class

Wednesdays 12:30 pm starting Nov. 29, 2017. It's not too late to join this class! Recordings of each class can be viewed at any time on your own schedule. Increase your sensitivity to energy. Learn how to apply Chinese Medicine theory for healing yourself and others. Specifically these methods include scanning, pulling, combing, sending energy, and use of meridians and meridian points.

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Special Offer!

It's not too late to join the Qigong Healers sequence of classes right now. Take the previously recorded Qigong and Chinese Medicine Online course and the Beginning Qigong Healers Online. $85 discount!

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Online Advanced Qigong Healers Webinar Class

Begins 12:30 pm, Tues. starting Mar. 21, 2018. The techniques taught here are focused on creating deep and lasting change in the energy flow as well as the mind. It combines Qi healing techniques with meditation techniques to deeply transform the energy flow inside the body.

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Special Healers Package

It's not too late to join the Qigong Healers Online sequence of classes right now. Get the Qigong and Chinese Medicine course for FREE when you register for the Beginning Qigong Healers Online and Intermediate Qigong Healers course. $160 discount!

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