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Seminars & Workshops

Seminar and Workshop Schedule
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The Qi Gong Institute of Rochester offers a variety of live seminars and live interactive online classes on Qigong, Tai Chi, Nutrition, Meditation, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Learn How To Heal Yourself and Others

Whether you’ve been practicing energy work for years or have never experienced it before, the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester provides a supportive and friendly environment to explore deep healing.

Through the various seminars offered you will learn Qigong exercises to maintain your health as well as address specific problems you might have. Qigong exercises remove blockages that interfere with your energy flow as well as promote energy circulation through your whole body.

But, how effective can exercises be if you don’t know how they work or what they do for the body? Integrated into the seminars is a systematic explanation of the energy systems within the body and clear instruction on what the individual exercises accomplish. You will learn a complete system for diagnosing which organ systems are energetically out of balance and what techniques will best correct them.

Sensitivity training is an essential component to analyzing energy flow. During the seminars you will work with partners to find the energy blocks and remove them. You will practice sending energy into the specific acupuncture points associated with each imbalance and learn to sense the change within each persons energy flow. The increase in your own sensitivity to energy flow will amaze you and greatly improve your own personal ability to help yourself.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient art that will help you find your true center, physically and mentally. When learning Tai Chi, you will begin to feel each moment, one at a time, letting go of worries and concerns.

Tai Chi taught in a seminar format allows an individual to reach a depth of feeling that is impossible to reach with any other format. By immersing yourself in a weekend of Tai Chi, you will find that quiet place where true healing happens naturally.

In this seminar we will complete the entire Standard Short Form (24) and no prior experience is required.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nutritional Healing

Food has an energetic action on the body, not just a nutritional content. Foods will cause specific energetic changes in the body. These foods can be organized by their thermal actions - cooling, warming, or neutral which can be used to balance the body’s thermal nature. The flavors also come into play because they cause the energy to move in certain directions. The yin flavors (salty, sour, bitter) cause energy to move inward and downward and the yang flavors (sweet and pungent) cause the energy to move upward and outward. So between the thermal nature and the flavor, we can get the body's energy to move in the direction we want it to go, just like with Qigong exercises. By coordinating the foods we eat to help with our ultimate goals for the body’s health, we can make much better headway with healing ourselves.

Online Qigong, Nutrition, and Meditation Classes:

Online Interactive Live Webinar Classes and Workshops

Interactive live online classes and workshops give you the opportunity to study with Master O’Shea without needing to travel. You will be able to see her and talk with her via your computer’s webcam. She will be able to see you and talk to you directly at the same time. Students will also be able to interact with each other via their webcams.

No special computer program is needed. After you register you will receive an email with the link to the webinar. Just click on the link and you will enter the webinar without any trouble. A manual of all the material covered will be provided via a pdf file for download by each attendee as part of the course.

Note: If you can not attend the online class during the time it runs live, there will be a recording of it available to registered students for a year after the live broadcast.

No Experience Needed!

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