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Seminar Schedule

Seminar Schedule

Seminar & Workshop Schedule

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2019 Seminars & Workshops

Weekend seminars offer a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the experience of learning how to be well. These seminars draw people from around the country to gather in a friendly and supportive environment to explore deep healing without the distractions of our active lifestyles.

  • August 3-4, Beginning Qigong Healers Seminar, Rochester, NY
  • August 10-11, Intermediate Qigong Healers Seminar, Rochester, NY

Interactive Live Online Qigong Distance Classes and Workshops

Interactive live online Qigong Distance classes and workshops give you the opportunity to study with Master O’Shea without needing to travel. You will be able to see her and talk with her via your computer’s webcam. She will be able to see you and talk to you directly at the same time. Students will also be able to interact with each other via their webcams.

No special computer program is needed. After you register you will receive an email with the link to the webinar. Just click on the link and you will enter the webinar without any trouble. A manual of all the material covered will be provided via a pdf file for download by each attendee as part of the course.

Note: If you can not attend the online class during the time it runs live, there will be a recording of it available to registered students for a year after the live broadcast.

Online schedule click here: Online classes

Early seminar registration is appreciated. Early Bird Discount! $50 off if registered by July 1, 2019 for Rochester seminars.

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Beginning Qigong Healers: TCM, Qigong, and Qi Healing I Seminar

Aug. 3-4, 2019 Learn how to understand what your body is telling you and what to do about it. Learn a complete system using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to determine the body’s imbalances and correct them using hands-on healing, Qi Gong exercises, and nutrition. Early Bird discount of $50 if registered by July 1, 2019!

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Intermediate Qigong Healers Seminar

Aug. 10-11, 2019 This course is a continuation of the Beginners seminar and takes the material to a very deep place. Focus is on deep healing inside the body for head, neck, joints, and tissue damage. Early Bird discount of $50 if registered by July 1, 2019!

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