In-Person and Online/Hybrid Classes

Wednesdays: Tai Chi Made Simple 10-10:30 am and Qigong 6-7 pm
Thursdays: Qigong 2:30-3 pm and Tai Chi Long Form 3:10-4:10 pm

Unless otherwise stated, no previous experience is needed for any classes. 
Course schedule and descriptions below.

Covid policy: Masks are no longer required during in-person classes. If you have a cold or any sign of communicable illness, please stay home and participate through the online option or watch recordings of class later.

Like to see this schedule as a calendar? Take a look at the calendar to see changes and holiday schedule.

Qigong Classes

Qigong classes:

Qigong classes at our Rochester location are on Wednesday nigths and Thursdays and are all beginner-friendly. The Wednesday night Qigong programs are at 6-7 pm and are offered in 8-week quarters starting September, November, February, and April. Each quarter a new course is offered and no prior experience is needed.

The Thursday program is a half-hour Qigong program at 2:30-3 pm offered in 10-week trimesters (different material than that offered on Wednesday nights) starting in September, December and March. These classes are also simulcasted online using Zoom and can be watched from home or viewed as recordings for registered students using Google Drive.

Students can start with any of the courses offered and proceed from that point forward.

Private lessons in Qigong are also offered by appointment ($95/hour session).

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Yang Style Long Form Tai Chi

Thursdays at 3:10-4:10 pm EST, new module begins Feb. 22, 2024. If you have previous Tai Chi experience, this would be a great class for you! In-depth work on breathing and using the legs for power is a center point of this course. Our Tai Chi Long Form is taught as a series of independent modules so that new students can join our class at regular intervals. Class is held in-person only and students will have access to previously recorded classes for practicing at home for a year.
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Healthy Balance Qigong

8-week course, Wednesdays, starting Feb. 7, 2024 at 6-7 pm. In-person and online! Learn a gentle, flowing set of Qigong exercises to heal the body physically and emotionally. Healthy Balance Qigong was created by Lisa B. O'Shea in 2012, integrating multiple aspects of her 30 years of teaching to powerfully clear out blockages and bring profound healing to the body.
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Video Subscription Library

  • First Month Free! Use code FREEMONTH
  • 110 One-hour Workshop Titles on Qigong, Tai Chi, Nutrition, & Meditation
  • New! Stretching for Pain Relief streaming DVD has been added!
  • Bonus- Six Healing Sounds special video!
  • Plus 8-hour Chinese Medicine Nutrition program!
  • all available streaming live on any device
  • $12.99 monthly subscription plan, cancel anytime
  • 40 one-hour courses include topics on Qigong, Chinese Medicine, nutritional healing, medical Qigong, meditation, and mindfulness, and more
  • Master Lisa's entire Tai Chi Long Form course included- 50 one-hour videos!
  • watch free previews of every video

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Spring Qigong 30 min

Thursdays 2:30-3 pm EST, beginning Feb. 22, 2024. In-person and online! Spring into health! Learn how to clear out stress and stagnation from the body with Qigong and nutrition for a fresh start! No experience needed! 10-week program, a half-hour per lesson.  Only $60 if taking another class!
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Five Animals Qigong half-hour class

Thursdays 2:30-3 pm EST, beginning Dec. 7, 2023. In-person and online! This is a feel-good style of Qigong! This set was devised nearly 2,000 years ago by Hua T'o, the father of Chinese medicine. Nine movements of the crane, bear, monkey, deer and tiger will be taught to strengthen the internal organs and harmonize the five elemental energies (fire, water, earth, wood, metal). No experience needed! 10 week program, a half hour per lesson. Only $60 if taking another class!
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Tai Chi Made Simple- 30 min Classes

Wednesdays at 10-10:30 am ET, ongoing! Drop-ins welcome!10-week in-person course, 30 min/class. Fun and simple instruction in aspects of Tai Chi. Great for wellness, balance, and peace of mind. Learn to feel each moment, one at a time in a relaxing welcoming environment. This is a great class for beginners to learn some simple Tai Chi movements. Taught by Jim Bielan. Only $60 if taking another class! Drop-ins welcome!

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Crane Flying Qigong with Four Gates and Microcosmic Orbit

8-week course, Wednesdays, starting April 3, 2024 at 6-7 pm. In-person and online! Increase energy flow through your body, improve balance, strengthen and heal the muscles and joints, and enhance peace with Qigong and meditation. No prior experience needed.  
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