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Pain Patterns and Stretching: A Qigong Approach Online 8 Week Class

Pain is a call to action! The pain and dysfunction a person has is a message from the body telling us what we need to do to improve it. Learn specific pain patterns and what they are trying to tell you. Learn how to effectively stretch to relieve pain and improve functionality of the body with more than 40 Trigger Point stretches for specific pain patterns, based on the teachings of Janet Travell. The information taught in this class has improved the lives of hundreds of my clients and students over the years. You will get amazing results from these stretches! 

8 one-hour lessons recorded program, $125. (Taught by Lisa B. O'Shea)

Online class was recorded during broadcast and those registered will have access to the recordings of each class for two years.

Here are some examples of some of the stretches we will cover in this course. These are clips from Master Lisa's Stretching for Pain Relief DVD

The following clip from this DVD is of the Levator muscle stretch. This stretch helps with pain between the neck and shoulder blades, pain along the edge of the shoulder blade closest to the spine, and also with a painful stiff neck.

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Qi Gong Institute of Rochester