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Online Intermediate Qigong Healers 6-week Program

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The Online Intermediate Qigong Healers 6-week program is a special opportunity to focus on hands-on healing to deeply sense energy flow inside the body and learn techniques for healing tissue damage in the organs, muscles, joints, and bones. A complete description of the techniques taught is listed below.

The prerequisite for the class is the Beginning Healers class or the Intro to Qigong Healing offered June 8 and 15, 2022. When registering for this course, you will automatically receive the Intro Qigong Healing course as well! By practicing the techniques taught here, you will gain profound control of the movement of energy and ability to direct the energy for healing and harmonizing all the tissues, organs, and joints of the body.

  • Buddha Palm Technique:  A deeply relaxing way to clear blockages from the whole body.
  • Qi Scrubbing Techniques: Two methods for healing tissue damage in the body..
  • Joint Techinques: Three different methods for healing all types of joint problems.
  • Vessel Orbit Techniques Balances Yin and Yang of the body, strengthens the constitution, strengthens the internal organs, and improves the immune system.
  • Intro to Qigong Healing or Beginning Healers course is a prerequisite. Register for this course and receive the Intro course for free.

Important Note: All of the techniques taught can be done on oneself or a partner. For this online healers course, you will practice using the techniques on yourself during the class time. If you are interested in practicing on another person, you can do that at any time. This option is entirely up to you and is not necessary to learn the techniques.

Live broadcasts on Wednesdays 6-7 pm EDT, starting June 22, 2022. Note- we are skipping 7/20/22

6-week program, one hour per week, starting June 22, 2022, $125. (Taught by Lisa B. O'Shea) Special Bonus: Those taking this course will automatically receive the Intro to Qigong Hands-on Healing course at no charge! ($40 value). When registering for this course, do not register for the Intro to Healers course as well, you will be added automatically.
Prerequisits: Intro to Qi Healing or Beginning Qigong Healers programs 

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Qi Healing
Qigong Therapy Certification

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