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The Microcosmic Orbit and 12 Meridian Meditations Download

The Microcosmic Orbit and 12 Meridian Meditations are two of my favorite Qigong meditations and I have been teaching them for years. These meditations will guide you to lead your energy through your meridians, the body's energy pathways and will enhance your wellness and sensitivity to energy to a very deep level. The Microcosmic Orbit balances your body's yin and yang nature and strengthens all of your internal organs. The Twelve Meridian Meditation clears out all of your energy pathways to allow your body to better heal and prevent illness.

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Music written and produced by Lisa B. O’Shea and Susan Amelia Sirianni © 1996, Meditation by Lisa B. O’Shea © 1996.
Recorded and mixed at BELIEF Studio.
Cover design by Lisa B. O’Shea
Re-mastered at Georgann John Productions ©2010. All rights reserved.

Length - 60 minutes

Sample: Microcosmic Orbit meditation building energy at one of the meridian points:

Sample: Microcosmic Orbit meditation guiding the energy to flow smoothly through the orbit:

Sample: 12 Meridian guided meditation:

Skill Level
Qigong Therapy Certification

Qi Gong Institute of Rochester